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Posted on January 9, 2012
My Latest Before and After: I’m a Little Bit Country and I’m a Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll


What on earth does this super funky duo have to do with my latest “before and after”?  I’ll admit, the connection is tenuous, but let me explain.

Unable to resist the latest bit of facebook navel gazing that prompts us to post fascinating things about ourselves, I found that my mother earned my undying gratitude by refraining from bringing me into the world the week Donny Osmond’s “Go Away Little Girl” ascended to number 1 on the charts. 

Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae” and I are sandwiched comfortably between the aforementioned and Cher’s classic, “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.”




One thing that I find interesting about this….has anyone else spotted it?….although the three artists could not be more different, all three penned songs that were pretty much paeans to creepy illicit love and apparently America liked it. 

Now, I can totally imagine Rod Stewart lounging spent and naked in a hashish den with his Mrs. Robinson kicking him in the head and Cher, popping out illegitimate kids in the back of her dad’s gypsy caravan, but Donny Osmond?!?!?  Quelle horreur!  Go away little girl indeed!

Alright….time to reign it back in here and connect the dots….The whole birthday thing put me in a Donny Osmond frame of mind, yeesh!, AND, more relevant, this “before and after” features a more traditional look than my previous projects.  Although I will hasten to add, I do not consider this kitchen, or client, to be country and I don’t think anyone would describe me as rock n roll.

On to the “befores”!

This kitchen and dining room belong to Diane and John Hanberry, recent transplants from Macon, GA.  They came armed with a load of beautiful antiques and bought a home on a hill with a lovely view, but unfortunately, the actual home left a lot to be desired. 




It was basically just old, ugly, and cheaply done.  The laminate countertop wasn’t even attached to the cabinets.  Guess the previous owners wanted to keep things portable…unfortunately, they forgot to take it with them.

So, while Diane CLAIMED to like my previous work, she made it clear that she was a more traditional kind of girl, and I was glad to stretch my wings and comply.  I am not a one-note-sally after all!







We gutted and snazzed up the kitchen, replaced the faux wood floors with the real deal, took out a wall between the kitchen and living room, reupholstered and reconfigured the antiques, put up a cool stone wall, reframed Mr. Scary Owl, and jujjjed the whole thing when done. 

OK, there was some other stuff in between, but I think you can tell from the pics….we did a lot!

And because this project made me feel really really good….I want to leave you with this:


I hate to disagree with Marie, but I think they are 100% rock and roll.  ’Nuff said.